Exquisite Dalaman, Mesmerising Sarıgerme and a Perfectly Marvellous Holiday

From the beginning of human civilization, settlements arose near nature’s most magnificent resources: natural beauty, rich land and bountiful seas. Humans continue to be drawn to these scenic places, thus the most preferred destinations for relaxation, rest and a family holiday offer warm sands, clean waters, peaceful nature and green vegetation. Without a doubt, Sarıgerme, Dalaman holds a space on earth where these criteria are perfectly and utterly met.


With its unique beauty, Dalaman is a family holiday region where beaches meet pristine forests. In addition to the Dalaman Airport, Antalya Airport makes this region even more accessible, with ease of transport and holidays. The first destinations that come to mind in the region are Kaş, Akyaka, Bozburun, Adaköy, Marmaris, Göcek, Fethiye, Ölüdeniz and Kalkan. If you want to combine exploring these stunning locations with an elegant and thoroughly marvellous holiday experience, you can opt for Hilton Dalaman Sarıgerme Resort & Spa Hotel.


If we wanted to list all that Dalaman has to offer, we would need to find a publisher for ourselves… however, we can at least summarise for you the places you must definitely see.

Gökgemile Bay, a pearl of the world, is an untouched bay with historic features, and can be reached by foot or boat. If you haven’t yet visited  Gökgemile Bay, you are missing out.

The beach at Sarıgerme is ideal; at peace with nature, featuring fine sand, a shallow, Blue-Flagged clean sea, and forests embracing the beaches and islands nearby. Sites such as the Ancient City of Pisilis, close to the beach, are waiting for you to explore. Activities such as safari tours, diving courses, and more await you for an impeccable holiday.

Ancient City of Pisilis_Dalyan_hilton_dalaman

As living traces of powerful ancient civilisations, the Ancient City of Tlos and Yaka Village provide a rich feast for the eyes. The village and the city are both mouth-watering experiences for history lovers, with their historical ruins.

While Sarsala Bay is unmatched for relaxation, it’s ideal for those seeking serenity. These naturally breath-taking, world renowned bays have a tempting irresistibility, even in photos.


If you want to explore the pleasures that these wonders of nature offer, you can easily reach the region via the Dalaman or Antalya Airports. If you want an absolutely memorable holiday experience, we invite you to the Hilton Dalaman Sarıgerme Resort & Spa Hotel. Offering you a tantalising holiday, together along with the beauties of the region, we will be delighted to provide you with everything you might need to fully explore and luxuriate in this unique region. We believe further discussion is unnecessary: the picture-perfect ambiance of Dalaman and Sarıgerme speaks for itself!