Let Your Body and Soul Relax at Elysion Spa

Overall 16 massage rooms, 4 VIP Massage, 6 Classical Massage, 2 Ayurveda Massage sections, 2 Thai Massage and 2 Asian Massage rooms are at your service at the Elysion Spa. Our professionals offer many diffirent massages that take away your stress and tiredness from your body and soul.

What kind of massage should I choose? Which therapy will be performed in which way?  Here are the answers:


First of all if you looking for muscle relaxation we suggest Classical Massage. With light and strong touches the blood circulation system will be boosted and all your stress will go away.

Reflexlogy Feet Massage has a special massage technic, with intense feet massage and reflex point on your feet it will reach to your entire body and organs.


As a very relaxing massage first aim for Sport Massage is accelerate blood circulation. This massage heals the muscle, nerve and spine injuries.

If you are looking to relieve stress Recreation Massage is just for you. This massage helps you relax with sensitive but targets deeper touches to entire of your body.

Try Aromatherapy Massage with aromatic oils from Mediterranean plants provides you relief, La Stone Therapy which is really assertive with Injun healin methods, Anti-cellulitis Massage makes accumulated fluid disposed,organize circulatory system and remedy cellulite deformity.

la stone

If you prefer Far East Massage Elysion Spa has lots of choices. One of them is Traditional Bali Massage which balance the energy centers and your body. Bali Massage without oil is attempered your body and mind health with energy points. Please do not forget to wear comfortable while you are in the massage.


In Mandara Massage two therapists work together with Traditional Bali Massage Technics. And after Mandara Massage it is time for Thai Massage to make better energy flow,relieve your stress and help activate your motion system.


Shiatsu Massage means finger pressure in Japanese. While you are breathing and leave your self conscious, our expert will relax you with her fingers, knee and foot and take your all pain away.


Ayurveda Massages;

  •  Abyhanga: Relax entire of your body, soul and mind, ımproved elimination of impurities from the body.
  • Shirodhara: With ayurveda oil ,this massage takes away insomnia, headache and nerve symptoms.
  •  Shiroabhyanga: This massage relax you with hot oils.
  • Abhyanga-Senkron: This therapy is the oldest therapy in ayurveda traditional and making with four hands.
  • Lomi-Lomi-Nui Massage: It relief your joint with fluxional and indertependent lower arm massage

In Horoscope Massage special to your birthday and your horoscope we choose special oils and massage treatments unique for you. With affluent herbal candles redolance will relax you in Candle Massage.

In Elysion Spa we already have %20 discount for you if you make your reservation before your arrival. For all your questions you can contact elysionspa@hiltondalaman.com or you can call 5300 from you room.